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Your Partnership


Have you had a piecing headache and swallowed pain killers to the maximum dose but it was just unstoppable? Have you googled or scrambled around to ask friends and families for a good specialist? Have you experienced your child being very ill at night or on a holiday, but you just couldn’t reach his/her doctor and instead had to spend a sleepless night at an ER? Have you heard a story that a teenager went to a 45-minute therapy but came out within 15 minutes and refused to go back? If your answer is yes to any of these, JOIN US to make a change.


There are doctors who can diagnose and treat your invisible, neurological pain, who can make your children tell their deepest thoughts and get help, and who are just an email or a text away when you are in an urgent need. But we need more such doctors.


Additionally, have you heard your child’s school got another round of budget cut and had to either reduce the extracurricular programs or ask parents to contribute, hence shutting the door to talented children with parents who run short financially? If yes, JOIN US to make a change.


We greatly appreciate your compassion and belief, and joining us on the journey to give our children a better life, and give ourselves a better life.

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Ways of Giving


  • Mail a check payable to “Zhangogh Foundation” to “P.O. Box 297, Short Hills, NJ 07078”

  • Make an online donation here 

  • Participate in your organization’s gift matching or annual appeal charity programs

  • Engage your friends and families to JOIN US



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